I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King Jr.

What was the "I Have a Dream" speech?

The “I Have a Dream” speech changed the lives of many August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Martin Luther King Jr. was the best and most respected leader in world history. The racial equality race lasted from 1955-1968. In that time he achieved equality which others could not do in the past 350 years. Over 250,000 people attended this speech to end racism in the United States. This applied more specifically to African Americans. Dr. King, as many called him, wanted people to be judged by their personality and their character, not by the color of their skin. He wanted people, both blacks and whites, to be treated with equality. Martin wanted both colors to be able to share the same bathroom or classroom without stares of judgement from one another.

Why is this picture the most important?

This picture is most important because it really showcases the enormity of how many people attended his speech. The amount of people who came to support what they believe in shows how strong they felt about the effects of racism. The smile on Martin Luther’s face explains a lot about the outcome of the speech. To me, him smiling means that he felt like he got his point across and that he feels very strongly about his cause. The smile also tells me that he knows he has changed colored humans lives for the better and has finally brought equality to not only Washington, but to the rest of the world as well.

What does this picture do for U.S History?

This picture reminds Americans about the wonderful day when they won their equality. There is one lesson that is important to learn from this picture. When you look at the size of the audience that came to observe Dr. King’s speech, you have to notice how every one of those people were fighting for the same cause. They stuck by their belief in equality when some people did not. The lesson is to always believe in yourself and to believe that you are doing the right thing to better yourself and others around you. The United States as a country has come together to compromise and agree on many things; racism and equality being a major one. It shows how just one ordinary African American or any other race with a voice, can change the country just by stating what they believe should change or what they believe is wrong with a certain situation.

My questions about the picture.

If I attended the speech and was able to talk with the photographer I would ask him why he decided to take a picture of both the audience and Dr. King. If I was the photographer I would have taken a picture of both also because it explains, without saying any words, how well the speech was and how enthusiastic everyone seemed. If I had the chance of asking Martin Luther King Jr. one question I would ask how he kept his beliefs so strong even when people were telling him that whites should be separate from colored people. If it were me, I would most likely stick to my belief for a short period of time until someone came along and challenged me on my opinion. Martin is different. He was strong and passionate about all the things he did in the Civil Rights Movement for equality. That lead to great success for the Nation.

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