Norma Mccorvey

by taiheim jackson and steven arias


Norma Mccorvey was born September 22, 1947 in Simmesport Louisiana. Her family had many problems, she was abused, and when she was ten she ran away from home. Her parents soon after put her in a reform school. She was physically and sexually assaulted by adults who cared for her. At the age of 16 she was married to Woody Mccorvey and got pregnate and left her husband. Her baby Melissa and her then moved to Dallas Texas with her mother who cared for her child. Her mother was an alcholic and so was norma, she became a serious drug and alchol affender while Melissa was still a toddler. She then signed over custady of her child to her mother. After having her third child she tried to abort but it was elligal in texas. Norma Mccorvey contributeded to her community many women were effected by this they helped make picket signs and rallied for protesting. this protest effected women by giving them the choice to abort their children. This event didnt directly effect the world but it effected the many residents of Texas and gave other the courage to stand up for there rights to change the laws of a state. Finally this event doesnt directly effect young people today but it helped to change their opinion of many people today.

time in the supreme court

Norma Mccorvy joined the supreme court. She was determined to make abortion legal the hearing was not granteed. she then protested and in 1971 she argued, and in 1972 she regarued about the abortion case. These cases were then renamed the roe v. wade case it was unsuccsesful many times but she was still persistant. The state of Texas was not happy wiht her choice to legalice abortion she was assulted verbally and physically by many citizens of Texas while doing task like grocery shopping and walking the streets. ltimatly she and the catholic church made a stste wide speech in 1998 to legalize abortion and triumphed. She then became associated with many of the citizens who assuluted her included a group who was antiabortion called operation rescue. Now she is no longer a member of the supreme court and i living a simple retired life in Dallas, Texas.