Hand and Nail Care

for Dry Winter Hands

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Nail Care

Dry Skin and Nails

During the winter months our nails and skin tend to become dried out. My hands often have a stripe of red from the knuckles to the fingertips! I would like to share what has been helpful for me. If you are a Jamberry addict like me, you are probably tempted to wear your wraps all the time. I have found it best to give my nails a Jam break for at least 24 hours and if you can wait a couple of days it is even better. During that time, you can use our cuticle oil. l paint it on my nails and let it soak in while I'm watching TV or before I go to bed. If you don't have time to sit...apply it and rub it into your cuticles. Make sure that you are using cuticle oil at least once a day (if you do not have our cuticle oil, you can use another kind,) It nourishes your skin and it also helps your nails. Make sure to keep well hydrated in the winter time...it really does help! And something else that I have found that has really helped me is our Nourish Hand Lotion. It has Biotin in it which helps to strengthen your nails. It also keep your hands from drying out. Use ours or any good hand lotion and keep those hands hydrated! When I am taking my Jam breaks, I take the hand lotion and rub it on to my nails and cuticles too.

Nail Strengthener

Some people have found if they wear Jamberry a lot that they also need to use a Strengthening Base Coat. Jamberry has one that many women love to use. Some ladies like to put it on right before they put their wraps on and let it dry. The drying time is fast. They can wear it under their wraps without any issues at all. Others are not able to. I have not been able to do this, my wraps slide off the next day, so I would recommend testing it on one or two nails first. Otherwise, when you are taking a Jam break put it on your nails, I have found that it soaks into my nails.

Nails that have ridges

Jamberry also has a Smoothing Base Coat. Some people have found this to be helpful if they have a nail that has ridges in it. It helps to provide a smooth application so the wrap is able to stay on your nail better. Again, test it first as everyone's nails are different.

Wraps that fall off

What should you do if your wraps fall off right away? I have a couple of suggestions. This seems to happen more in young girls. They have very oily nail beds and the wraps are not getting a proper seal. I would recommend following these steps. I would wash their hands in dawn dish soap, it helps to cut the oiliness. I would also use pure acetone. I would swipe all their nails with it and than I would wipe off each nail before you put the wrap on...make sure it has dried off, before you put the wrap on. It is also really important to make sure that you are getting a really good seal. Make sure to apply enough pressure all over your nail as you are applying the wrap. It is also important to make sure the that wrap is properly trimmed so that this is no overlap. If you have that water can get underneath the wrap and it will not stay on. You also need to make sure that the wrap is not touching your skin or on your cuticles. Also, make sure you are applying enough heat. If you have young girls and they do not like the heat from the blow dryer you can use a rice pack and apply it to their fingers after you have applied the wraps. This will help finish the seal on the wraps. Here is the original video from the Jamberry Sisters and also this is the extra step that I always do, it makes a huge difference to me. And the Jamberry Sisters have also created this video called Tips and Tricks.

If you have run into any nail care issues that I have not covered, please let me know. I am always happy to help my customers. I would encourage you, if you have not already, to follow me on Facebook. That is an easy way to find me and you won't miss out on any of the latest news and information.

Wrap It Up This Winter

Now that you've lavished some TLC on those hands, treat them to some pretty new wraps. there are beautiful new wraps out for Valentines and St. Patrick's Day! Jamberry also announced the Color of the Year: Marsala! It will go with all your favorite outfits and lends a little fun to the dark winter colors!