How many have gotten over adversities and gained triumph.


Perseverance is the act of gaining triumph after facing many adversities. Many people demonstrate perseverance after major events occur in their lives. In this newsletter many examples of perseverance are shown with many different people.

a sequence of Jackie robinson

In history, many parts of America were segregated, as well as baseball. Instead of just having major league baseball, there were two leagues, the Major League and the Negro League. After many years, things changed and there was no longer two leagues because of a man named Jackie Robinson. This change started in 1945 when Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers general manager, signed a contract with Jackie Robinson bringing him into the Major Leagues. Just about two years later, Jackie played his first game as a Brooklyn Dodger. Jackie faced lots of racism while playing Major League baseball but he was brave and kept going. Despite hardships, Jackie was very successful in baseball for years after his first game. He was awarded the first-ever Rookie of the Year title in 1947. Following this, in 1949, Jackie was awarded National League’s Most Valuable Player. Later, in 1955 Jackie helped lead the Dodgers to a win at the world series. Finally, ending Jackie’s baseball carrier, Jackie retired from baseball in 1956 after his last game on October 10. After retiring from baseball, Jackie became the first African-American in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

Eleanor Roosevelt Compare and contrast

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a description of kid president

Robby Novak is a young boy who is very inspiring in many ways. His life may look awesome on his ‘Kid President’ videos. However, his life consists of more than having fun online and inspiring others. Robby has a rare brittle bone disease known as osteogenesis imperfecta. This disease causes Robby to break bones easily. However, he still perseveres and instead of feeling bad for himself, he inspires others in so many different ways. Robby’s sister also has OI. Robby and his sister need to get special treatment for OI. For instance, they go into the hospital every couple months to get an infusion of medicine to make their bones stronger. Robby and his sister persevere through their disease by thinking of it as an idle thing in their life. Even though, in reality, it’s not.

problem and solution Winston churchill

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william kamkwamba cause and effect

In a place in Malawi, Africa there is a small village called Wimbe. In about 2001, Malawi went through a large tough time. First, Malawi went through a major drought. As a result, their crops didn’t have enough water to grow. After this, there was a major flood. Therefore, their crops were now soaked and had too much water. As a result of both of these tragedies, people in Malawi didn’t have enough food to last them the full year that it should’ve. This led to people going to the market to get all of their food. However, because of the famine, the food prices raised. Effects of this were now, people were running out of money. The outcome of this was some kids had to drop out of school including an intelligent boy William Kamkwamba. William realized how big of an adversity his village was facing. He knew he had to do something to help. Brought about by the adversity Malawi was facing, William built a windmill to help his village. All because of the adversities Malawi, Africa was facing it caused William to build a windmill.

How will you persevere?

After reading this, you have seen many examples of how people take their adversities and gain triumph. It takes many different character traits to persevere. For example, you need to be humble like kid president. Now, take these character traits, apply them to your own life and see how you can persevere.