Warrior Weekly

Week of November 17-21, 2014

Veteran's Day Program!

A huge thank you to Matt Pulley and all of the contributors to the Veteran's Day Program. It was outstanding and, as always, our community members that were in attendance had many praises for the program and the outstanding behavior they see from the students. Thanks for honoring our Veterans.

College Go Week!

The Indiana State Department of Education has sent a kit for the year that has asked each school to do something three different times during the year. Between August and November they asked us to do a College Go Week! (Technically, November is not over yet!!!!) We will keep ours very simple. They provided us cutouts that look like pendants. I would like everyone to fill out a pendant for your favorite college. I will hang them up in the cafeteria with the other things that were provided. The pendant cutouts are in mailboxes! See me if you didn't get one. Let's see which college wins at NWES!! We will take a picture of the winners in their college gear on Wednesday, November 26 right after out SMART Start and post it by the pendants!

Schedule for the Week!

  • No morning meeting!
  • 8:20--Speech ACR
  • 12:15--Math Committee Meeting


  • RTI Meeting


  • 7:35--SMART Start--Media Center--Flipping Your Classroom--Brigette Lindeman
  • 9:00--Case Conference
  • 12:15--Literacy Committee Meeting


  • 9:00--Principal's Meeting
  • 3:00--Speech Case Conference


  • Lunch with the principal

School Improvement Focus of the Week!

4. Teachers will use data from such sources as NWEA, Quick Checks, Daily Math Review checks, and fluency checks to create differentiated instruction and flexible grouping throughout the year.
  • Training will be provided by instructional coaches in math and differentiation, as well as through the C.L.A.S.S. coach with Say It, Play It, Relay It, and Weigh It strategies and various strategies to encourage differentiation relevant to student needs as reflected by data.
Project-Based Learning

This link will take you to PBL's free Weekly Warm-up Exercise for "The Great Stunt" aligning with the tightrope walk across Chicago last week. Check it out!