Rebecca Wolff

Poet through and through, from beginning.

About Rebecca Wolff

Rebecca Wolff is know for her poems The King, Figment, and Manderley, which were chosen for the 2000 National Poetry Series. She was born in 1967 and was raised in New York City. She wrote her first poem at age 15 and it was printed in Seventeen Magazine. She went to college majoring in poetry for the first couple years, then dropped out. She later went back to college and finished her undergraduate attaining a Bachelor's degree in poetry and Self-Consciousness. She received her MFA in poetry at the Iowa Writer's Workshop. She is a fiction writer and also the editor and creator of Fence Magazine and Fence Books. She married the novelist Ira Sher and they had two children. She now lives in Athens, New York. She teaches classes for the New York State Writers Institute in Poetry and Creative Writing. (information from
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Rebecca Wolff's poetry

You Are Perfect For Me

This poem is about someone that is perfect for her. She makes the statement, "no one else could understand me the way you do". This poem is short and choppy and doesn't have a whole lot of flow or structure. I chose this poem because it is one of her newest, and it is unique and its different. (info from

Experiment in Divination: Voice and Character

This poem is about longing for an answer that we can't have an answer for. I feel that it is referring to life and its challenges, but it could mean any question you have. Everyone has questions that no one can answer for us and this poem portrays that in the way it is repetitive and almost sounds desperate. I chose this one because the topic is interesting and it also makes since when thought about in comparison to my own life. (info from

Lost in thought, the baby

This poem is about a mom and her job as a mom to her child. She mentions things like reading to her, and feeding her. It also is about how your life is consumed by a baby and that becomes everything your life is. I picked this poem because I understand what she is saying and have witnessed this with my sister in law. (info from

Mamma didn't raise no fools

This poem is about loosing someone and how your life is changed after that. She mentions how people would give you what you need and how you suddenly become someone that needs help. She says in her poem, "it's not about cutting slack, but about positive reinforcement". I chose this poem because it is different than the rest of hers, and makes a but more since in the way it is written. (info from