Texas Tech University


Guns Up

The sign "Guns Up" is a a greeting to another Texas Tech member. It is also the sign of vitory as the crowd holds it up in the air during a game. The sign is made by extending your pointer finger upward and your thumb downward and then using the rest of your fingers to look like your holding a gun. The tradition was made when "hookem horns" was used during a football. A couple then figured out a symbol for red raiders and that is what they came up with.

Raider Red

Raider Red was made for non-home games because in 1971 it was banned to bring a live animal to an away game if it was not a home game. Jiim Gaspard was the creator of the Red Raider from a drawing. Later, a cartoonist named Dirk West made the Red Raider come to life. Red was made for basketball and football games. He has different shoes for different games. Also, whenever Tech scores a touchdown Red fires off 12 gauge shotgun powdered shell off.
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Texas Tech homecoming has been around since 1954. It's a huge celebration with parties, bonfires, open houses, parades, and of course the football game. The homecoming celebration is celebrated every year for about a week. It is a great tradition to have every year and gets everyone together. It is still around today.