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Our Week In Review

Ask your scientist to tell you about our experiment!

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Week of September 28 - October 2

We are reading...


*What Is a Plant

*How Do Plants Grow?

*Seeds and How They Grow


*The Rainbow Garden

Language Arts

*Spelling words: can, cat, back, dad, am, bat, mad, ran, sack

*poetry - Plants

*High Frequency Words: there, each, which, use, she, an

*identify the characters of a story

*Thinking Map - Circle Map

*Mystery Word - plants


*review decomposing numbers to 10

*use a number bond to separate sets

*practice addition math sentences

*relate addition to subtraction

*use a number line to solve number sentences


*Scientific Method

*continue to research famous scientists and identify their accomplishments

*conduct simple experiments

*introduce - Plants and Animals

Upcoming Events


Library books are due on Wednesdays!

Wear tennis shoes on P. E. days - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!

Click here to volunteer at our school! We are looking for parents to help with lunch and recess duty!

*September 29 - School Pictures

*October 9 - Parent Conference Day

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