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Thailand is governed under the constitution of 2007, adopted after the 2006 coup. The king is the head of state. The prime minister, who is the head of government, is elected by the House of Representatives and cannot serve more than eight consecutive years in the post. The National Assembly consists of the Senate, whose 150 members serve six-year terms, and the House of Representatives, whose 500 members serve four-year terms. Senators are popularly elected or chosen by a panel of judges and the heads of independent national oversight bodies. Representatives are elected from constituencies or on a proportional basis. Adminstratively the country is divided into 76 provinces.

Important People

Chief of state: King PHUMIPHON Adunyade

head of government: Interim Prime Minister Gen. PRAYUT Chan-ocha

Thailand and it's Economy

Thailand and It's economy is very strong with the support of a well-developed infrastructure, free enterprise, and thriving export industries. Industrial and agricultural exports have created and developed the economy to where it is today. With Thailand attracting 2.5 million migrant workers from other countries unemployement is not an issue due to the agricultural needs. Thailand economy is a well developed and very strong.

GDP: $990.1

Per Capita: $14,400

Work Force: 39.4

Unemployed: 1%

Inflation rate: 2.1%

Exports: $232 billion

Imports: $218.5

Entertainment: Holidays and Festivals

Childrens Day

Children's day is celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of July each year. This is Celebrated because the people of Thailand feel that Children are an important resource in there country and they are the ultimate future.


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Football (soccer) is a highly popular spectator sport, and tennis, swimming, and badminton are pursued throughout the country. Thai athletes have enjoyed success in many of these sports at the Southeast Asian Games.

Entertainment: Temples

There are over 40,717 total temples in Thailand. Each one plays a vital role in every community. Also is attracting to many visitors. Thailand’s temples are the country’s most enduring and significant sights.

The Flag

five horizontal bands of red, white, blue, white, and red

red color symbolizes the nation and the blood of life

white represents religion and the purity of Buddhism

blue stands for the monarchy

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Over all Thailand is a well developed and healthy country found in Southeast Asia. It has a rich amount of history that has formed it to be the country it is today. It has a variety of religions, languages and ethnic groups that are scattered throughout the country. The large population is not an issue because the education and literacy rate are not an issue in

Thailand. They are very diverse when it comes to there food selections and festivals put on throughout the year. There government is a common system almost identical to that of the United Kingdom. There economy is very stable and well contained. They are a normal country with there own holidays and entertainment. Temples are what set them apart from the vast majority of the Asian culture. With a large amount of temples everywhere there Buddhism makes there country and unites it. Thailand is an average country with diversity in the depths on every street they own.

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