January News

RRMS Library, Jan. 2015

Short but Sweet.

We had 11 school days in January, which is about half of what we usually have! We made the most of those 11 days, however. Here's how:

- 21 English classes came for checkout! These were primarily for upcoming Nonfiction and Outside Reading Projects. Some teachers, including Mrs. Simmons & Mrs. Wetzel, planned time for students to conduct book pass activities to determine what interested them. (see below for photos!)

- 35 classes from many different subjects made use of our computers, including Math, PE, and English. While some were individual assignments, many involved students working together on assignments. It was great to see the flurry of activity with students learning from each other!

- Ms. Grover conducted nonfiction booktalks with Mrs. Bartling's and Mrs. Madden's classes in order to get students interested in unusual topics to study for an upcoming project. Many students made use of these talks and checked out books of their choice.

- We're updating the nonfiction section of the library! About 15 paper boxes of outdated books were discarded from our collection. We are preparing the way for the new books we have ordered on the same topics that are more current and accessible for our students.

- The day before the blizzard, we received over 100 new books, including 15 new graphic novels! We are working on processing them so they will be available in the next week or so. Many more will be arriving soon!

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Rocky Run's Battle of the Books Team!

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Students making up 4 teams recently traveled to Warrenton Middle School to compete against more than 40 teams from 19 other schools. These students answered trivia questions, identified books to go with quotations, and matched authors' names to titles in a series of rounds. It was our school's first time competing against these schools and they did great! We look forward to our school battle in April, which will determine who will represent us against the other 19 schools in our region. Best of luck, teams! Thanks to their sponsors, Mrs. Madden, Mrs. Mathurin, Mrs. Sweeney, Mrs. Simmons, Mrs. Bolton, and Mrs. Davis.

Latin in the Library!

December's Poll

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See you in February!