How it affected America and what America thinks of Muslims

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The Muslims attack the Twin Towers

Driving Question

I hope to learn How 9/11 affected America and how America thinks about Muslims.


It is important to me because the Muslims bombed America and that is a big part of history and I want to go more in depth on it.


I will need facts about Muslims and 9/11 it will be crucial because other wise we won't have enough research to complete the project.

Key Words

My key words will be Muslims and 9/11 because that is what my project is about.
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No Matter How Bad Things Get Keep going!!


Communicate and work productively with others, considering different perspectives, and cultural views to increase the quality of work.

Communicate and work productively with others emphasizing collaboration and cultural awareness to produce quality work.


Are mentor is Mrs. Nixon she was glued to the t.v. during the attacks so we are hoping she has some good information and she is a history teacher so maybe she has some background knowledge.

Main Steps

Weeks 1-2Research about 9/11 and what do people think about Muslims today.

A little bit of week 3 See what Michael has found out and share results.

The rest of week 3-4 Set up are poster board and practice are presentation.

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Possible Challenges

Finding information that is true and useful and working with the amount of time that we have.



We will put are information on a poster board and talk to the class about what we have learned.