Saving African Wild Dogs

Help save a African Wild Dog, they are Endangered!

Why African Wild Dogs are Endangered

African Wild Dogs are one of the best hunting dogs there are, but insted of using them to help hunt for us we are hunting them. We are also taking over their habitat to build on. Hyenas and lions are a African Wild Dogs biggest predatros. To help save them you adopt one! They are a type of dog so it would just like having a normal dog in your house. You could take it for walks, play with it, and much more.

Here are some pictures of a African Wild Dog!

Facts about a african wild dog are their habitat, diet , behaviors, and what they look like!

All African wild dogs are only found in Africa. They are normally roaming around in open plains, savanna, and deserts in Africa. They also hunt for their own food, witch is normally meat. they like to catch their prey wall it is still alive, this might seem mean, but it is actually less painful for the prey. their prey includes rodents, lizards, birds, and insects. Believe it or not, African Wild Dogs are one of the most sociable animals there is. They communicate by touch, movement, and sound. African Wild Dogs has grey, black, white, brown, tan, gold, and red fur. They also only have 4 toes on each foot.These are just some facts about the African Wild Dog!

An Amazing Fact!

The most amazing fact about my animal is it can go weeks without any food or water unlike other canines.