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It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas!

Hey Tanglewood Fans,

#Thanksgiving — one of my all-time favorite holidays — has come and gone; I entertained the in-laws, the food and festivities were fabulous, the family played football... it was a great day! And when I reflected about what I am most #thankful for, I made sure to include all of my Tanglewood Works fans with my family and friends. I feel so blessed that you've helped make this little ol' dream of mine continue to grow and grow into the successful shop and studio it is today!

This year I was determined to NOT decorate for the holidays before Thanksgiving. So I didn't and it felt great. Then in mid-November it suddenly struck me that I did NOT have any #holidaydecor planned. I kinda freaked out a little bit. I mean I REALLY freaked out. Because I realized I had NO holiday decorations for the shop. So what did this #QueenofReinvention do? Curious about how I took the shop from meh to WOW? Click here to read my latest blog entry how Team Tanglewood (Blair, Deb, Denise & Phyllis) helped make it all happen!

A big thanks to everyone that came out on #GreenFriday and #SmallBusinessSaturday, or as we like to call it — the "Green and Small, We've Got 'Em All" event — and helped us kickoff the start to the holiday season! We ended up skipping the fire pit since the weather was so warm, but you sure won't find this #SeniorDumpsterDiva complaining about an absolutely gorgeous weekend! It was a totally stress-free weekend! Okay, maybe there was a teensy, tiny bit of stress. But wouldn't you know those gals from Shine Massage and Wellness Studio soothed all that stress away with the seated chair massage they offered at the Green and Small Weekend event, whew!

Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief. Okay, not really, the Christmas holiday is still three weeks away. The shop looks festive, the handmade, green gifts are plentiful — we're ready for you to stop on by and do your holiday shopping at Tanglewood Works.

Ready for some of your own #DIY fun? We've posted the DIY classes, FREE Mercury Glass DIY demos and FREE "Blown Glass" demos for the rest of the year. You can find everything listed on the Tanglewood Works Calendar of Events.

PS - It's only TWO MORE weeks until #SuperSaturday, also known as Panic Saturday, or the LAST shopping Saturday before Christmas arrives!

Sue Older-Mondeel
Senior Dumpster Diva

PPS - If you wanna help us — YELP US. YELP reviews help us get found online so we'd love some of our own. Many thanks for supporting a small local business.

Dumpster Diva Tips of the Week...

"A hug is NOT enough" a PSA by Tanglewood Works

"A Hug is NOT enough" a PSA by TWW

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