lets find out more about penguins


macaroni penguins have macaroni colored hair on their heads. you ever heard of the king penguins and know that all penguins have black and white feathers? yes ? okay good know ya know that king penguin chicks are born with brown fur cool huh?


most penguins live in Antarctica but not all penguins. now we all know that penguins live on the southern hemisphere of the earth but all over the southern hemisphere you can find penguins. many at sea or in rocky places, water and ice places too even close to desert areas they live anywhere as long as it's in the southern hemisphere.


penguins love to eat fish like squid fish and krill. krill is pretty much shrimp but smaller.i dont have much to say but penguins love squid krill and fish.

fun facts

penguins are really bad at waddling and i'll tell you why. penguins swim nine times better than they waddle because their shape is somewhat like a small submarine even watch the video i put up and you'll see why they swim WAY better. and you all know about chinstrap penguins they can swim 100 ft below sea level i hoped you liked this thanks for reading and watching.