LMC News for October/November

Chatham High School

Patron Assistance

We assisted a parent with utilizing a laptop and Smartboard in the LMC.

IT was not available and I instructed the parent on how to obtain the resources that he needed for a seventh grade presentation in the LMC.

Manipulation of Media--We cropped and saved images of student athletes for the athletic department and for student signing day.

Meeting Preparation--We arranged the seating for the coaches meeting that took place in the LMC on the thirteenth of November.

Technology Coordination and Setup--We arranged the technology and tested it prior to the seventh grade football presentation in the LMC.

We've assisted with setting up a number of projectors and sound systems for presentations taking place in the LMC and the cafeteria.

Server Update--We uploaded various videos to the server for various department around the building at the request of the staff.

Software Request/IT Communication--We communicated with our IT department in making sure that the software was evident and usable for us to upload the necessarily materials on the server as the software was not present in September.

Schoology Updates--We continue to upload useful documents and resources to our groups on Schoology for both staff and students.

Physical Space of the LMC--We take the opportunity to rearrange the furniture in the LMC after most meetings/practices that take place in the LMC.

Additionally, during lunch and prior to the start of the school day we eliminated the quiet study area to provide additional space for students to visit and socialize.

Public Library Updates--We continue to post updates on our school page, in Schoology and in the LMC to keep our patrons updated on events going in at the public library.

Project Supplies--The LMC continues to provide supplies for our patrons. Notecards, construction paper, colored pencils, markers, crayons, folders, envelopes, glue and tape are utilized by our students year round.


We assisted with Mrs. Shephardson’s classes with accessing and utilizing our online catalog and the accessing print resources from the LMC for a research project.

We pulled materials for her Holocaust/Genocide class to be utilized with her classes in her classroom for a different project earlier this month.

Mr. Montoya’s classes have convened in the conference room on a few occasions this month for his Spanish classes.

A variety of counselors, teachers and administrators utilize the conference room, newly returned to the LMC for meetings during the day.


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Printing--Teachers utilize the copier/printer in the LMC with greater frequency as the machines around the building have been jamming quite a bit. Staff are often inconvenienced as this machine is the machine the students use to print or copy their materials while in the LMC.

Skylight Leak--The skylight continues to leak every time it rains. Mr. Cress has requested maintenance to fix the issue on numerous occasions. There is evidence of mold and a stain on the rug where the window leaks.

Study Hall Teachers--Need to locate students who neglected to punch in during study halls or claim that the scanner does not record their entrance upon arrival at the beginning of the study hall.

A number of teachers spend quite a bit of time attempting to track the same students down during the same blocks.

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