Kortnee Portfolio

K Warren 7


I am making this portfolio to make class more easier for me. It builds my self confidence, creates a sense of achievement , and developed my skills of refelection. Develop greater awareness of the context I work in. Allows me to become more critical. I will benefit by knowing and being confident about my strengths.

About me

My name is Kortnee and my favorite sport is football. I am 16 years old, I am smart, and athletic. I am in high school. I play football, and basketball. My favorite subject is math.

6 word memoir


2.Life is what you make it

3.Young kid dreaming on being successful

4.Work hard to exceed in life

5.Appreciate the things you already have

sun/shadow sentence

sun- . Joey is like lighting, because he is quick.

shadow- .”Inwardly” Joey is like a cheetah, because he is fast.

Favorite Quote

" You have to set goals.... and you have to make sacrifices to reach those goals." Sonja Henning

My Response: when I was doing bad and geometry, I had to work and study harder than before. At the end I brought my grade up to a B.

Reflection of persuasive essay

my strengths: are starting off my essay, and punctuations

my weaknesses: being more specific, and more details.

likes about assignment: is preparing me for my writing Sol.

dislikes: Nothing

What would I change: I would be more creative, and more detailed.