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Acton Weekly Update: 3/2/18

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FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

1. We accept LEARNING as the fundamental purpose of our district and therefore are willing to examine all practices in light of their impact on learning.

2. We are committed to working together to achieve our collective purpose. We cultivate a COLLABORATIVE CULTURE through development of high-performing teams.

3. We assess our effectiveness on the basis of RESULTS rather than intentions. Individuals, teams, and schools seek relevant data and information and use that information to promote continuous improvement.

Nuts and Bolts

Attendance: One of the major concerns shared in the surveys was regarding lack of consistency of instruction support staff due to covering classes when teachers are absent. Unfortunately, if a staff member is out and a sub is not available we have to find ways to cover the classroom. So far I've not split classrooms among the grade level but may need to do that in order to prevent pulling staff as often. The best and most proactive way that I can see at this point to combat the issue is to offer incentives for staff members with perfect attendance (not including professional days). Each payday Sarah will pull attendance reports- so we can reward those with excellent attendance. By having a great attendance it helps all of us deliver consistent instruction.

Any staff member who has perfect attendance will earn a jeans day certificate, which will be placed in your mailbox.

K Registration will be at Acton this year! We will begin registration April 2nd and 3rd at the school. As we get more information, I'll share with you and ask that you share and help promote to families.

HSBT Wellness Screenings are at Acton on April 3rd from 7:00 AM-10:00 AM. If you are signing up for the screening at a time when you need coverage for your room, please let me know ASAP so I can work out a coverage schedule.

The Franklin Township Education Foundation (F*TEF) announces its 2018 Spring Grant program.

Please review the attachment for guidelines and application requirements.

FTEF Application

All applications are due by Monday - April 9, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. for consideration.

No proposals will be accepted after the deadline. Our Grants Committee will review each application and may request additional information from the applicant, school administrators or curriculum coordinators, if needed.

PBIS Audit for Acton and FTCSC

Our PBIS audit is coming THursday, March 15th, in the afternoon. This is a pretty involved process and your help and flexibility are most appreciated!!!

Our district is utilizing the PBIS team from Indiana University in Bloomington to help us strengthen our PBIS programming in our schools. They are conducting an audit at all 7 elementary schools, both middle schools, and the high school. The goal is not only to improve practices, but also to gain more consistency between buildings for our students in the township.

The visit consists of a principal interview, a meeting with members (1-3) of the PBIS Team, very brief (2-5min.) student and staff interviews, building walkthrough and 2-3 focus group sessions with Staff (20min. maximum each session). Before/After school, lunch time, or prep periods are good times to coordinate focus groups.

Meeting the Needs of Our Learners

Excellent article below on RAD Reactive Attachment Disorder- A MUST READ!



Tuesday: Mini-Lesson Planning Time

PBIS Team Members- Please report to Kitley for PBIS PD.

(see email sent on Thursday)

Wednesday: Grade Level Data Focus

The Q3 window opens on 3/5 at 7:00am and closes on 3/15 at 5:00pm.

However, KG is different…the Q3 KG window is open the entire nine week period. The Q3 KG window will close on 3/15 and the next day I will open the Q4 KG window.

Students in Grades 3-5 DO NOT have to do the Q3 Writing prompt at this time. With the practice ISTEP test and the ISTEP writing prompt, it would be overkill.

Acton Mini-Lesson Bank

Quarter 3 PD/PLC Calendar

What's Coming Up


5 Evacuation Drill

6 5th grade field trip

9 End of grading period

9 JRFH winners to SkyZone

12-16 IREAD

13 KDG Field Trip

14 Principal Appreciation

15 PBIS Audit

15 REx Whitaker's Retirement Party



2 School Board Meeting

2 Students Return

2 Kindergarten Registration

3 Kindergarten Registration

3 HSBT Wellness Screening

10 5th grade field trip

11 Spring Pictures

12 Student Council

13 Breakfast and Books

16-May 4 ISTEP

20 Mid term ends

20 All Pro Dads

23 School Board Meeting

25 Secretary’s day

25 midterms posted

27 1st Grade fieldtrip

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