The Canadian Oil Sands

Oil Sands

Why develop the oil sands

The oil sands are located in the Alberta, Canada. They are in 3 major deposits they are the Athabasca oil sands, the cold lake deposits and the peace river deposits. Canada is eager to expand development from 2 million to 4 million barrels per day because of things such as jobs if the development of oil doubles that means the number of jobs will also double that will be good for people. When the jobs and amount of oil will increase the amount of money that is made will also double these are some reasons why Canada is eager to expand development.
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Environmental Impacts

With all this development of the oil sands there are many environmental impacts such as chemicals and pollution in the water, fish have tumors and moose have arsenic. The oil sands are hurting the environment with all the smoke and pollution released into the air things are being contaminated for example water has chemicals in it and the fish in the water are dying and have tumors the pollution in the air are hurting the on land species such as moose who have arsenic problems and trees that are dying.
Reality Check: Canada's Oil Sands

Health Impacts

The oil sands development is increasing and there are many health impacts that are occurring on humans. One health concern is poisoned diets as, the oil sands are increasing the pollution and chemicals are increasing as well. Many of the chemicals that are coming from these oil sands are ending up in our air and water for example the chemicals go into our water where fish swim, the pollution in the air will harm the land species such as moose. Eventually those animals will have diseases and humans will end up eating those diseased and poisoned animals which were harmed by the chemicals and pollution from the oil sands that will harm us.

Should canada develop the oil sands?

In my opinion I think that Canada should not develop the oil sands. I strongly say this because of reasons such as health concerns and environment impacts. The oil sands play a very big role in polluting Canada's environment, the pollution and chemicals in the air coming from the oil sands are hurting Canada's environment for example it is hurting many on land animals and many aquatic species that live in the water are getting tumors and are getting arsenic problems from the pollution and chemicals that are ending up in the water. The same is happening to on land species animals such as moose who are inhaling the pollution and eating things that are contaminated by the chemicals. There are many health concerns as well that are created from the oil sands some health concerns are poisoning diet. The animals that swim in the polluted and chemical inserted water have developed many diseases and those animals are being eaten by us and we are having health problems and are getting diseases. altogether these are some of the reason why I think that Canada should not develop the oil sands.
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