2015 Year in Review

By Conor Stemme Advanced Sports Marketing Period 4

Three Companies that marketed themselves the best

Lego- Lego had a very successful year in 2015 with their release of many new Lego sets, announcing a new movie and Lego Dimensions. They released Lego sites from Lego Ideas which included Wall-E, Big Bang Theory, and Doctor Who. Lego is featured in many commercials for sets and Lego games. Also, they continued many of their popular sets including many new star wars sets.

Adidas- Adidas was very successful and signed many new players to draw for advertisements. They signed James Harden to a huge contract which allows them to draw basketball fans to their company. They released many commercials focusing on sports. Many of their teams and athletes did amazing things this years and they used them to sell their products.

Electronic Arts- EA had a good year and did a good job marketing with their new games. Star Wars Battlefront did amazing as well as FIFA. EA is very good to You tubers who follow the rules and and give them free things and exclusive things. This gives them free publicity and gets their game out to millions of people.

Best and Worst Products

Best Products

Self Tying Shoes

iPhone 6S

Worst Products

Hover board

Sony Walkman

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Two Best Movies of 2015

Star Wars; The Force Awakens was an amazing movie and had a huge marketing campaign. Every other commercial was something related to Star Wars. They had advertisements for cars, food, batteries and many other ads.

Mad Max Fury Road was a amazing action movie but their marketing campaign was not really good. They only should commercials for the movie and there was no publicity for the movie.

Two Musical Artists of 2015

Selena Gomez had an amazing year and released a new album. Her album was marketed on YouTube by her Vevo account. Also, she has millions of followers on Social Media she could sell to.

Taylor Swift is pretty much the same as Selena but she appeared on more shows and had songs on a few movie soundtracks.

Top 5 MLS goals of 2015

5.) Dom Dwyer vs New England Revolution

4.) Krisztian Nemeth vs Portland Timbers

3.) Marco Donadel vs Columbus Crew SC

2.) Obafemi Martins vs Colorado Rapids

1.) Sebastain Giovinco vs New York Red Bulls

Top 10 MLS Goals Of 2015 | Goal Highlights

New Year's Resolution

Personal Improvement- I want to read more and improve my vocabulary.

Family and Friends- I want to improve my relationships with my friends and spend more time with them.

School- I want to improve my grades in Math and pass the APUSH exam.