Katie Alender


. "Easily one of the best novels I have read from the teen's section."- book reviews

." Fans of a classic young adult ghost stories should welcome this solid offering."- Publishers Weekly

."Alexander's first novel is both a mystery and a trip into the paranormal...will be a popular addition to any YA collection."-Booklist


.Three hundred fifty pages

.Four and a half out of five stars ( costumer reviews)

. Grade level -7 and up


.2,049 reviews

. In 2013 Bad Girls Don't Die got first place at the Minnesota Youth Reading Awards

. I have read it

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The genre of Bad Girls Don't Die is scary. It is the perfect spooky book to send a chill down your spine, but not scary enough to give you nightmares

Main character

The main character of Bad Girls Don't Die is Alexis. Alexis is a very shy, and loves photography especially the photos that don't make sense. She has bright pink hair that matches her hipster personality. She is mean to everybody else, but has a sweet spot when it comes to her sister Kasey , and her crush Carter.
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The conflict in Bad Girls Don't Die is that Alexis's sister Kasey is possessed by her favorite doll. Kasey is becoming angry and mean, so Alexis has to try to save Kasey before it's to late while trying to save herself.
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Favorite scene

In Bad Girls Don't Die I love how they talk about how she turned from a girly girl to a very sad hipster.

Favorite part or connection told

My favorite part or connection told in Bad Girls Don't Die is how much Alexis loves Kasey even though Alexis knows that Kasey may hurt her She still loves and protects Kasey, and that to me is very sweet.


In Bad Girls Don't Die I want to more about her old best friend Beth Goldberg because she seems very interesting,but they only talk about her briefly.


My recommendation of Bad Girls Don't Die is five out of five stars because it has everything for everybody , so everybody will enjoy it.