Story elements

The book Messi takes place in Argentina and Barcelona during the present. The main conflict in the story is when Messi couldn't grow to his normal height. Messi parents didn't had enough money to get his medicine(shots) and the Barcelona club decided to pay for Messi shots because he was really good at soccer and the Barcelona club was going to buy him to play on the team as a professional.

The book begins with Messi playing soccer at age 7 and his parents wouldn't let him play because he was to young and they didn't want Messi to get injured.


The main character in this book is Messi. Three words to describe the main character are short, shy, and nice to everyone. The character is motivated by his family, his professional soccer team and his friends. i like the main character because he his one of my favorite soccer players and he is amazing at soccer. The relationship between Messi and his brother David is different because Messi made his dream come true and David stayed with his family.