Aboriginals in ontario



Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries

Raspberries, Beans, Corn

Squash, Potatoes, Hickory nuts

Barley, Bannock Oatmeal, Wild rice

Caribou Deer Moose

Goose, Duck, Ptarmigan

Quail, Wild turkey, Pheasant

Beaver, Muskrat, Black bear

Trout, Salmon. Pickerel

Perch, Bass, Smelt

Aboriginal arts

For thousands of years aboriginals have been producing art. Art is of the main part of aboriginal culture. shaman`s mask and rattles was occasionally used when they danced, told stories and sang.

Aboriginals in Ontario

where are they in ontario

There are around 301,000 aboriginals in Ontario. most of the aboriginals are located in Ontario with B.C and Manitoba behind. And only 2.4% are Aboriginal in Ontario while in Canada the total was 4.3% aboriginals in Canada.

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