Roller Ride Bridge

Science Inquiry- Group 2 PM


Wood sticks, marbles, toothpicks, wire, sugar cubes, Q-tips, popsicle sticks, Styrofoam, tape, glue, straws, cardboard box, rocks, egg carton, pipe cleaners, plastic sticks

Our Justifications

We used these materials because they look like they are sturdy, durable, strong, and able to support a toy car.  We used the big toothpicks to hold it up.  The materials also look good.  We built the bridge this way because we wanted to make a bridge that looked like a real one we have seen before.  We tried to make it similar, but still unique.  We started by putting sticks in the box, but it looked plain and boring.  Then Chrystal came up with the idea of using the colored pipe cleaners.  We used that like a seed idea, and built on from there.  It made the bridge more interesting. 

Next Time We Would….

Add a ramp to the beginning and end of the bridge so that our car would not have to magically sprout wings and fly! 

Members in Our Group:

Jordan, Chrystal, C.J.