The Human Body Corporation

The Heart by: Elizabeth Madeline, Nicole, Kaylynn

Physical Appearance and Location

I am red, and filled with blood. I have veins coming from me. I am located in the Circulatory System.

Other Organs in our System

Other organs in our system include arteries and veins. Veins carry the blood from which the heart pumps. They also deliver the nutrients.

Facts about the department

1. The circulatory department contains the heart, arteries, and veins2. Multiple diseases can occur in our department.3. We affect all other body systems.4. It takes 20 seconds for blood to circulate the entire body. Oxygenated blood leaves the aorta about about 1 mile an hour.5. We circulate oxygen throughout the body.

Facts about the Heart

1. I pump blood2. Your heart grows at the same rate as your fist3. The heart has four different blood filled areas 4. Every day the human heart pumps around 2000 gallons of blood5. The thumping sound you hear in your heart is the valves opening and closing.If the heart were to be removed, the body would not receive nutrients or oxygen. The nervous system would no longer have blood causing it to shut down. The respiratory system would no longer have CO2 waste to remove. Without a heart the body would get a condition called hypoxia .

What I do and Why I am Important

I absorb nutrients from the small intestine and tranport them throughout the body. I also circulate oxygen that is in the blood to the body, and remove carbon dioxide waste. I am very important because without me there would not be as many nutrients throughout the body. Also we would not have oxygen because I circulate blood that contains the oxygen. If you removed me the whole company would fail. The nervous system would not have blood in the brain. The respiratory system would not have any carbon dioxide to remove or a place to put the oxygen once we inhale. The digestive system would have nutrients not being absorbed from the small intestine.

What to get rid of Instead...

You should get rid of the appendix because the body will still prosper without it. Another option is to get rid of the adrenile glands, it will also be an unafective removal.


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