L.T.Memo 2014

JSL Learner Voices

This L.T.Memo gives you a taste of the the projects in progress this term. Please feel free to mail me any comments, and use this insight into what everyone's been learning as an opportunity to speak to the learners/year groups directly about their experiences when you get the chance.

Teacher Tales of 'KikStart' - iPad Training App

Carmel van der Spek :

For me the drop in sessions are ideal. As I’m not very technical the Kikstart app is great as it explains everything very simply. I can work quietly and at my own pace but with other colleagues doing the same thing. Working at my own pace is important for me so if something hasn’t sunk in I can go back to that section and re read it. I’m not being swamped with too much info as I decide how much to learn/progress in a session. I would advise other colleagues who are a bit unsure with new technology to definitely drop in and see what’s happening.

Rebecca van Homan :

I have found it useful to work through the KikStart app to familiarise myself with all aspects of the iPads. Having the session set up for us with iPads available is really helpful so we can squeeze a session into our busy days. The Digital Leaders are a great asset to have and have taught me how to put away the iPads correctly once we finished using them. Thank you for organising it for us, Rachel.

March 24 - April 12th LTM Weeks Ahead

Monday 24th > Tuesday


a.m. > LTM + IS Mobile Device Manager update meeting

p.m. > curriculum development

Thursday -

Evening > Parent Appointments


Lunchtime > iBook Club & staff iPad drop in session

After lunch > Y1 Flobot groups


After school > team meetings


Lunchtime > iBook Club & staff iPad drop in session

Monday 7 April

After school > team meetings


a.m. > LTMs @ BoM - BSN IT Future Plan presentation

p.m - Friday In Design Course, Rotterdam + Jude, Evelyne