School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Workshop Meeting

Construction Update on Veterans Memorial Elementary School

Rob Avitabile, Senior Project Manager, Alvin H. Butz, Inc., gave an update on the construction project. He presented photos to show progress on the building which is enclosed now and talked about planning and bidding out the highway improvement work that needs to be completed. He reported that the group of contractors on site has worked together very well to date and despite all the rain, the project is on time and slightly under budget at this point.

Update on the Proposed 2019-20 General Fund Budget

Mr. Sniscak reported that the Administration is reviewing all revenues and expenditures over the next several months before finalizing the 2019-20 General Fund Budget. We are planning to stay within the Act 1 Index which is 2.3%. This means that the maximum proposed tax increase will be 2.3%. At the average assessed property value of $226,989, a 2.3% tax increase would represent a $79.45 annual tax increase. At this point, we have about an $8.9M gap to close before we propose a final budget and tax increase. We do plan to appropriate some fund balance to close the gap. Lisa Roth noted that the Morning Call reported recently that Parkland School District's millage rate remains the lowest in the Lehigh Valley. See the full report here.

Regular Meeting

The following appointments were made by the School Board:

Karen Dopera, current Principal at Schnecksville Elementary School, was appointed as the Principal of Veterans Memorial Elementary School, currently under construction and expected to open in the fall of 2020.

Damian Goodman, current Elementary Dean of Students, was appointed as the new Principal of Schnecksville Elementary School.

Both will begin their positions on July 1, 2019.

A full press release can be read here.

Reports and Public Comments

Foundation Report

Holiday Chocolate Sale made $2,000

Grant applications opening soon for staff

Ladies Day Out is Feb. 10 at Randall's on the Orchard

Gala is May 22 at Muhlenberg College

Public Comment on Non-agenda Items

A member of the public asked why the District requested to cancel the contract that allows the public to vote in some district building on election day. School solicitor Steve Miller explained that the Administration and School Board felt that safety and security of students and staff were at the forefront of this decision.

Another member of the public came to ask the Board about procedures involving student discipline. Mr. Sniscak cited that each situation is examined by a team of professionals who make decisions about outcomes, while keeping in mind the individual needs of each child as well as taking into account the unique details of every incident.

One board member commented that the Sight and Sound Music Production Event was fantastic last week. Another board member commented that retirees on tonight's agenda represent 400 years of collective service and all retirees were thanked.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Board said that it was exciting to get the update on the new school. Congratulations were extended to Karen and Damian. Mr. Sniscak also congratulated Val Strock and Andrew Hargrove who received promotions.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at 7 PM. SCHOOL BOARD RECOGNITION NIGHT