Carlsbad Caverns

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Mysteries of the Cave

The one thing that many ask is why are the caverns always glowing with colors? Well the answer is simple, the caverns are connected to "Capitan Reef" it is dead now but still has magnificent colors. The caverns include colors like blue, green, purple, red, pink and yellow. This is also why you see waterfalls if you go down far enough.

The Creation

The reef also created it. How, simple over time the sulfuric acid dissolved into surrounding limestone, creating rock shapes that look as if they would fall at any minute. Because of this over 300,000 people come to see it each year.

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The only amphibian is the spadefoot toad. There are two types of spadefoot toads, the couch's spadefoot and the New Mexico spadefoot. There are a lot of birds there. there is a whopping 357 species of birds there. There are 17 species of bats in the cave. Including the Brazilian free-tailed bats. There are 46 species of reptiles there including two species of skinks and one gecko.


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