Where to Find the Best

Gold Coast Car Rentals and Deals

Where to Find the Best Gold Coast Car Rentals and Deals

If you are looking for the best deals in car rentals along the Gold Coast then you do have a few options. If you are flying in to the Gold Coast area from out of town then you may have been offered car rental deals when you booked your airline tickets. Although they will probably tell you that they have the best deals around you really should not take their word for it.

The best thing to do is to take the time (it does not take long) to do an online search when it comes to searching for the best Gold Coast car rentals. Type that exact phrase into any search engine and you will have plenty to choose from in a matter of nano seconds.

In looking for the best deals you do need to remember a few things however.

1 – Some car rental companies on the Gold Coast may offer a very low daily or weekly flat rate but have hidden extras on things like insurance charges. Make sure that you know exactly how much your car rental will cost in total before you make your final decision.

2 – Some car rental companies will provide you with a tank full of petrol and expect you to return it in the same state. Others may charge you for filling up the petrol tank but beware, the prices they charge may not exactly equate to what you pay at the pump.

3 – The majority of car rental companies will only allow you to rent a car in exchange for your credit card details. If you do not have a credit card you could be in trouble so check this out before you book your rental car. They will happily take the payment from a debit card but need a credit card before they actually hand over the car keys.

4 – Be sure to check the small print on the insurance of your rental car too. Some may expect you to pay some sort of excess for any damages which occur while the car is in your care whereas others will have all of this taken care of.

There are lots of reputable companies which provide Gold Coast car rentals and you know what they say – competition is good. Look around and you are sure to find some truly fantastic deals, if you just look hard enough.

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