Saving Earth

Idea's to stop the amount of trash that is produced

For Mr. Lampus


How to reduce the amount of trash produced is a problem because not enough people know how to or care.

Ways to Reduce the amount of trash Produced

Example 1


Why is it bad to bring in non-reusable items to lunch? It is bad to bring in non-reusable items to lunch because they are not recyclable and will be put in landfills. We need to bring in more reusable items and stop filling the land with garbage.

Example 2


We should use computers for the state tests. After we are done test papers are thrown away and even if they are recycled it uses lots of power to recycle them. Also it takes power and many trees to make all this paper. It takes the use of ink to print the pages and finish the test booklet.

Example 3


People should reuse things and use things as many times as possible. It costs money to throw things away, but some places you earn money to recycle so the better choice is to reuse.

Example 4


I think people should not let there metal and steel things get rusty because lots of people put it in a landfill and buy a new one. Make sure you take care of your things.