Kindergarten News

Mrs. Relich and Mrs. Theiler

January 29, 2021

Language Workshop

This week we read The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc.

One autumn day, a lion finds a wounded bird in his garden. With the departure of the bird's flock, the lion decides that it's up to him to care for the bird. He does and the two become fast friends. Nevertheless, the bird departs with his flock the following autumn. What will become of Lion and what will become of their friendship?

We discussed how Lion and bird's friendship changed throughout the book and how the illustrations help us understand the story.

We discussed all the things Lion and Bird did in the book. Then, we wrote about the things we like to do, too!


Persuasive Writing: Using Words to Make a Change

We have been working on persuasive writing to make our school a better place!

We were seeing some problems on the playground and in the hallway and we wrote to try to fix the problems!

Writers Write to Make the World a Better Place!

  • See a problem
  • Think
  • Write

This is such an exciting time of year for our little writers! Check out some of our awesome writing from this unit!

We hope you have a GREAT weekend! Stay warm!!