Dwayne Johnson

by: Logan Havard

Dwayne Johnson's Early life

Born May 2, 1972 in Hayward Californa. His family started off with professional Wrestleing in 1972. He played football for a long time. He played football in college football and was really good at playing football he was going to play professional football but an injury ended his college career. So he took a different path to professional wrestling.


When Dwayne Johnson got in to WWE he was called the Rock. He had some really good matches one was when he and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He has some rivals to including John Cena, Kane any many more. He even became champion a few times. He was real good but then he retired. Then came back a couple of years later.

Actor/ and now

He is a good movie actor he plays in the movies The Mummy Returns, Fast and Furious, and GI Joe. He still plays movies and professional wrestling. He as a daughter, Simone Alexandra from his first marriage. He got married again in 1977, a decade later they split. But he's got better in filming and wrestling. Now he just going to act and wrestle.

Research Flyer

He has a positive affect on society.

He had courage to do what he did.

He suffered an injury in collage the he moved on to professional wrestling.

Big strong buff and awesome.

He took risks as a actor and a wrestler.

I chose this person because hes my favorite actor and one of my favorite wrestlers.

That he has a daughter and got married two times.

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