Inigo Jones

A new style of architecture


Born- July 1573, London, UK

-Inigo Jones spent most of his life traveling europe, specifically England, Italy, and Denmark

-He did a unique duty, stageing masques and plays for the royal court

-He alsso became educated by makeing picture make and participateing in a study of Polladios architecture

-His lifestyle was very busy, because he traveled a large amount

- Some of his Patrons were....

  • Ben Jonson
  • John Webb

How Inigo Jones represents renaissance ideas

Inigo Jones represents Individualism. He represents individualism because he controlled his future. His parents weren't famous architects, he started being an architect by himself. Inigo Jones also represents secularism because he didn't believe in any religion. During the renaissance this was very common.

His projects....

-Inigo Jones provided a Roman style of architecture

-He designed severall important buildings

His projects....

  • Queens house
  • Queens chapel
  • St. Pauls Cathedral
  • Banqueting house

Banqueting house

Queens Chapel

The Queens House

The Queens house was created in 1618-1640. This piece of Inigo Jones was so interesting because it had two parts connected by a bridge. This monument symbolizes England and their history. Inigo Jones ivented a uniquely shaped building, the building was a "H" shaped structure. You can find this piece today in Greenwhich, London. This unique house was built for Anne of Denmark, wife of King Jame the first. This house also contained an very extraordinary stair case.

Queens House

Unique stair case in Queens House


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