May Faculty Meeting

Student Retention and Engagement Required Reading

To learn more about Student Engagement, please spend some time reading the following short articles:

  • The Effectiveness and Development of Online Discussions, click here.
  • Instructor’s Discussion Forum Effort: Is It Worth It? Click here.
  • Online Discussion, Student Engagement, and Critical Thinking, click here.
  • Generating and Facilitating Engaging and Effective Online Discussions, click here.
  • Mastering Online Discussion Board Facilitation, click here.
  • How Many Faculty Discussion Posts Each Week? A Simply Delicious Answer, click here.

Get Your 2.0 Thinking Cap On!

Now that you've read through the articles above and hopefully noted some of the keys ways to engage your students, we want you to move forward with your creativity. There are many tools that are available online, so your students can hear/see who you are and how much you are invested in their success in your class.

Look at the following sites for ideas:

Remember, bridging the gap in an online environment is important to Student Engagement and Student Retention. If you can engage a student, then you have a better chance of retaining them and leading them to educational success.

Success for students, equals success for our Faculty and success for Bryant & Stratton College.

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