5th Grade Character Counts

New Behavior Plan


A new slate - That is what students started the day with.

This morning we had a family meeting to discuss changes that have been made in our behavior plan for 5th grade.

A binder will now travel with each class. This binder will hold EAGLES SOAR letter sheets for each student as well as a reflection sheet. At any time during the day if an adult witnesses a 5th grade student not acting in a respectful way, students will mark off a letter on their sheet. In the picture below you can see the I will statements that students are expected to follow. This morning during our family meeting, each student signed a behavior contract that contained those statements.

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A consequence is associated with the loss of each letter. In the picture below, the consequences are further explained.
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Reflection Sheet

The consequences vary from letter to letter, but one item remains the same. For each letter lost students will need to fill out a reflection sheet (pictured below). This is a yellow sheet that will come home with your student that will need to be signed and returned the following day.
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We do not expect your child to be perfect, no one on Earth is. There was one man who walked the Earth that was.

We know mistakes are made and we all have our "off" days. For this reason students are able to earn back letters. However, if a letter is lost twice that letter is gone for good.


We had a long family meeting this morning to discuss respect and character. We were able to answer many questions that the students had about this new behavior plan. Ask your child about this new policy and what RESPECT stands for in our class.

Please, don't hesitate to also email us with any questions that you may have.

In Christ,

Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Demonbreun