Reproductive Care

Josiah Schmedding

  • X-Ray pictures of breasts
  • Done in order to look for abnormalities, calcium deposits, or lumps
  • Preventative of breast cancer
  • Only done for Women
  • For women who are not at high risk, age 50 is usually when regular mammograms should start
  • Medical test to discover abnormalities with a woman's cervix
  • Identify infections, abnormal cells, and possibly cancer
  • Only done for woman (obviously)
  • Girls around age 21 should start getting pap smears every 2-3 years
  • Performed by the male getting the exam
  • Only for men (obviously)
  • identifies lumps which could be cancerous
  • Boys should perform one monthly starting around age 15
  • Medical test performed by a doctor to check Prostate-Specific Antigen levels (PSA test)
  • Some recommend one, others recommend not to get one
  • Can help to detect prostate cancer early on in men
  • While there's disagreement on whether or not men need to get them, the general recommendation is starting at age 40-50, talk to you doctor and possibly consider one exam annually until age 75 or within 10 years or less life expectancy