The Survivor Lady Duff Gordon

by Saul Gallardo

information about lady duff gordon

lucy christiana, lady duff gordon was born on June 13, 1863.

When she was on the Titanic she was 48 years old.

Who was she traveling with? she was traveling with her maid, Laura Mabel Farancatelli, and her husband and only her husband survived the crash.

the Titanic

The length of the ship is 882 feet and 8 inches.

The ship made itself unsinkable by having its hull and keel strong.

Lady Duff Gordon was first class and her ticket cost 56 euros 18 chillings and 7 pends.

The social class is rated on your wealth, education, and background.

disaster and rescue

After the Titanic hit the iceberg at around 11:40 p.m.

lady Duff Gordon and her husband were rescued because of life boat 1

Life After Titanic

After she got to land she went to life in London, England.

She returned to her business after the crash.

She died on April 20th 1935.