The American Dream

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The Great Gastby

This is a story, a young man has a dream of providing his one true love with a home and endless amount of money for her. But threw the time that he has been trying to succeed in this, it takes a few years and she ends up with another man and a child with him. Will he achieve his dream with the woman he loves, or fail in trying to do so?

The Crucible

The American Dream in this play is a little different, because its in a different time period, puritans dreamed of reaching heaven. This was their dream which wasn't easy, but full of conflict and lies, it made things more chaotic.

The Scarlet Letter

Now in the Scarlet Letter, the American dream is not building up the way it is usually is set to be but destroyed. Here it show how a family is destroyed and how it falls apart and there's a LOT of secrets.
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Young Goodman Brown

Unfortunately Goodman brown has one sad ending, he thought he had it all his ¨american dream¨ was already there: his wife, a home, and a religious community. Instead he was shown what really was going on around him, which comes down to; do you live with honest or unworthy people?
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Raisin in The Sun

has it's American Dream stated loud and clear to its readers. A color family wanting the best for each other but as always there's always going to be obstacles and conflict with one another, yet they will remain a family and grow together.

(Plant says it all!)

Death of a Salesman

Willy, who is the main character happens to have a hard time with reality and illusions. In his illusions he everything he needs and everything is perfect: his job, his wife, and his two sons. In reality he is slowly losing his job and his sons, who are in there mid-thirty's, haven't settled down.
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The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby

Chris Pine
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Daisy Buchanan

Natalie Portman
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Nick Carraway

Adrien Brody
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Tom Buchanan

Gerard Butler
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Myrtle Wilson

Desiree Hall
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