The Casting Gym

What's up this weekend! You can still get in on the action!

Adults - Don't miss part 1 of 2 of our INTRO TO VOICEOVER CLASS!

This Saturday we have room for our newbies!!

Ages 3-4 yrs: Get AUDITION SKILLS for your on camera auditions! Book more jobs & build confidence while knowing what to do at your next audition.

Saturday April 8

10:00-11:00AM AGES 3-4 YRS

11:00-12:00PM AGES 4-6 YRS

12:00-1:00PM AGES 7-10 YRS

PRIVATE SESSIONS starting at 4:30PM

Sunday April 9

10:00-11:00AM AGES 5-7 YRS

PRIVATE SESSIONS starting at 3:00PM

Sunday April 9

Intro to Voiceover - Adults

12:00-3:00PM $150.00

Classes are 3 for $115 or $40 each

PRIVATE SESSIONS w Kim Houston $75

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