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The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride is a series of young adult science fiction fantasy novels by the American author James Patterson. The series tells about the lives of six fugitive children, Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge, and Angel, known collectively as the Flock. The Angel Experiment is the first book of the series. Maximum "Max" Ride is a sarcastic tomboy and leader of the Flock. Thanks to evil scientists, they are 98% human and 2% avian, with the ability to fly. Ever since, they've been battling evil forces and trying to save the world.
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Maximum Ride is a fourteen-year-old girl with wings who is the result of some experiments at a secret lab to inject avian genes into human embroyos. Max is the oldest of the six members of her family, or as they refer to themselves, the flock. The others are Fang - a taciturn boy who is four months younger than Max; Iggy - who was blinded by experimentation on his sight at the lab; Nudge - a young girl who talks non-stop; and two kiddies, the Gasman - an eight-year-old boy with persistent intestinal problems and Angel, his six-year-old sister. Max and her companions were kept in cages and subject to repeated scientific experiments during their life at the School (as they referred the lab to); they were eventually freed by one of the lab scientists (who are referred to by the flock as Whitecoats) named Jeb Batchelder. Jeb secreted them at his mountain home and raised and educated them; but Jeb suddenly disappeared two years ago and the flock has been on its own since then. Suddenly, Erasers (experimental beings also developed at the lab who can morph into powerful vicious wolf-like creatures) raid the family's mountain hideaway and kidnap Angel. It's up to the flock to save her.

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A little about the characters:

Who is Maximum Ride?

Max is a snarky, witty 16 year old who is tougher than nails and more mature than many mothers of today's generation. She takes care of three children ages 5,6 and 11, and a 14 year old blind boy. She has help from Fang, who's only four months younger than her yet four inches taller than her. Max doesn't know who she really is. She named herself. Of course, she wonders who she is, who her parents are, what happened to them, and if she can ever get back home. But she's more preoccupied with taking care of her family. It's her responsibility; she's the leader of the flock.


Fang is the tall dark and handsome character of the story. Fang is Max's best friend, right hand man, and Beta of the group. He is Max's age, younger by only four months. He is the most quiet and sometimes unpredictable one. However, he never questions Max's command. Nor does she question his. They work like the parents of the flock.
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Iggy is 14 years young, the tallest of the group, and blind. He was blinded due to excessive experiments done with his eyes back at the lab. He is a full blown ginger. Pale face and all. He is the best cook of the group, and has a love of all this flammable and dangerous.
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The Run Down:

Max and the flock go after their hated and most feared nightmares, the scientist from the lab they escaped, to save their beloved Angel. They fly across the country from the Appalachia Mountains to Death Valley. They deal with over muscled werewolf men and secret government organization members along the way. They end up traveling to New York, and Washington D.C. before they eventually make it home. They learn a few things about themselves and about the world around them on their journey. The best part is that no matter what, they stuck together and took care of each other. They are a true family and the best of true friends.