Let's LEAP Into STYLE!

Book a Virtual Trunk Show on February 29th!

Who's Ready to Take the LEAP!?

Have you visited our new SUPER SECRET Ruby Red Diamond Team Page?? You may not even know you've been added to this new group! It's a special secret page just for my First Line Stylist and Personal Generation +. (Any Stylist who isn't on an Associate Director+ Team AND my first line). See bottom of SMORE for more info on this page! Or just visit the page...there is a video from me explaining it!

You'll want to check it out AND get in on the fun! We're TWO months into the year - it's time to TAKE THE LEAP!

Book a VIRTUAL Trunk Show on LEAP DAY!

Leap day is like FREE TIME! An extra day of the year that we normally don't get! So let's MAXIMIZE the time and do something fun!

Book a Virtual Trunk Show on Monday, February 29th. When you get it to $500 in sales I'll send you one of these adorable KeyFobs!
Find the EVENT on the Ruby Diamond Page "I'm Taking The LEAP!".

Here is the LINK to our Ruby Red Diamond Team Page:

We can share ideas for the Leap Show through this event. No one should have to leap alone....so let's all leap together! Let's share our favorite posts, ideas, etc for making an AWESOME virtual event! If we all just make one post....you'll have lots of ideas for content, etc.! In addition, there are some great scripts for online shows that make it super easy for YOU!

Click here to go to the team page and find the event. Once you get there you'll find the Words To Say to Get your Show Booked!
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What is the Ruby Red Diamond Team Page???


This team page is an exclusive page for Tara's First Line Stylists and Personal Generation+. You are my #1! I want this page to be our primary go-to place for inspiration and ideas. The Ruby Reds page will still exist...but this page is just for US! I'm moving most of my incentives, etc. to this page. The main page will serve as an "all-team" page for leadership, inspiration, ideas, kudos, etc.

This is the new page to introduce your team members on, etc. Once you become an Associate Director +, your team will break off from this page and start your own team page. We will all come together on the Main Ruby Reds Page!

This will allow for more 1-1 attention for all of you and this page will be my primary focus for coaching, etc.

What is Personal Generation +?? It's anyone on my downline who doesn't have an Associate Director between me and them! xoxo

This is OUR year! YOU ARE WORTH IT! xoxo

Tara Renze

Executive Director & Founding Leader
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists

And yes.....your BIGGEST FAN! xoxo