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Stop Modern Day Slavery

Slavery Still Exists

  • There are estimated over 27 million people trafficked in the world today. That's more than there have ever been in history.

  • Women and girls are the main prospects for human trafficking around the world.

  • People are being taken advantage of in many ways such as sex trafficking, domestic servitude, child labor, and child marriage.

  • What people might not know is that parents are selling their own children into human trafficking, in poor families it is sometimes the only way to get by.

  • Enslaved people today are working for our big brand named companies, such as Hershey's and Nestle.

  • This is not only happening in other countries but is a serious problem in the U.S. today.
This is one of the designs for our t-shirts. By buying these shirts you are raising money and awareness for the organization fair-girls.

Do Your Part!

Stop human trafficking now. Buying a shirt will help a trafficked girl in need. Profits will go to the organization Fair Girls, helping girls who have been through human trafficking and trying to get help. This form of Modern Day Slavery needs to be stopped, people need to know what could be going on in their own backyard. This is something that could happen to anyone. But that should happen to no one, so get involved now. Let people know human trafficking is going on, and that slavery still exists.

How To Get In Contact

If you've seen or know someone who could be a victim of human trafficking act now and contact the local hotline listed below. People everyday are going deeper and deeper into human trafficking. Every little thing helps. For more information visit