this is jurassic world the brand new movie of the famous series, first thing first the effects were awesome the acting and the creatures were epic! but lets get back in line well our characters we got a couple of main chracters like owen grady- a marines retired solider and the trainer of the velociraptors. gray and zach-the brothers one which is addicted to dinos and the other one which is all the time with his phone. and claire- a scientist which always on her job. and offcourse the indominus rex- a manmade dinosaur which was built in a lab and is unstable she ate her brother and is the bad guy by getting out of its cage and running around the island and killing the other dinos for fun

the end

well every movie has an ending but once its suprising im not going to spoile it but its has everything in it i rate 8.5/10
Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)