First Grade Newsletter

November and December 2015

Puzzle Piece Phonics

Throughout the end of October and beginning of November, we worked on the blends fr, ft, fl, nk, ng, mp, tr, dr, and cr.

We finished November focusing on the ending -le, as well as the schwa sound (the short u sound the vowels a, e, i, and o can sometimes make). Examples: was, the, other, fossil

Upcoming focus sounds-

Week of Nov. 30 - Dec. 4th: Controlled vowels er, ir, ur, or, and ear

Week of Dec. 7-11: Controlled vowels ar, or, and ore

Week of Dec. 14-18: Review

Everyday Math

Unit 4 focuses on measurement and basic facts. Skills practiced this unit include reading a thermometer, nonstandard measurement, using a ruler to measure in inches, measuring with a tape measure, telling time to the quarter-hour, as well as practicing addition facts.


First graders continue to work on writing complete sentences about a topic including correct capitalization and punctuation usage. Students are encouraged to add adjectives and details to tell more (make a vivid picture in the reader's head). We recently worked on letter writing and wrote thank you letters to Cannon community helpers and the firefighters we visited.

Upcoming Important Events

Thursday, December 3rd - Pizza Party for Hunger Drive:

Pizza will be provided. Please send a few healthy sides and a drink with your child.

Wednesday, December 9th - Project Wrap-In and Family Day:

Students are asked to bring an unwrapped $5-$15 gift for the same age and gender. This is also an early dismissal day.

Thursday, December 17th - Holiday Concert:

9:00am in Boswell Gym

Friday, December 18th - Winter Party and Gold & Maroon Day:

Details for Winter Party will follow soon.

Gold and Maroon Day - 10:00am

**Early dismissal