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Bali is one of more than 18 thousands island in Indonesia. It is located between the two islands Java & Nusa Tenggara, between 8 03 40 8 degree South latitude and 114 25 & 115 42 40 degree East longitude.
Bali has 5.632,86 square kilometers of land.


January2632300mm 85% wet

February2632280mm 75% wet

March2532215mm70% wet

April2533100mm 65% dry

May253285mm 60% dry

June233175mm 60% dry

July233155mm 60% dry

August233140mm 60% dry

September243290mm 65% dry

October2533100mm 75% wet

November2632150mm 80% wet

December2632295mm 85% wet



Bali is facing a population boom. The latest data from the provincial agency showed that the number of residents on the island has reached 4.22 million, an increase from 3.89 million two years ago

One bali religon

Early on, Indonesians were Animists, who believed that non-human entities, such as animals and plants, as well as inanimate objects such as rocks, can have souls. Animists believe that these entities must be placated by offerings in order to gain favours, or even worshipped.