VCR Lesson 3

Abel Mebrahtu

Fill in the Blank from Lesson 3

The people felt this ___________ government should be eliminated since it fails to represent their views.
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Oligarchy (noun)

Government by the few, especially a faction of persons or families

Forms: Oligarch (N.) Oligarchic (adj.)


Oligos (Greek) for few







Ruled by many or represented by more than a few


  • The term was used by Aristotle as he referred to a few that had elite power but were corrupt or selfish.
  • These small elite powers neglected others and focused mainly on their own class.
  • Most oligarchies involve hereditary or family ties that give them power.
  • Caste systems were one cause for Oligarchies.
  • Aristocrats and Nobles were predominately associated with oligarchies.
  • Over time, they changed into more autocratic or monarchist forms of government
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Which of the following contains the incorrect use of the bold word?

A.China and the United States have conflicts over its oligarchic government, where a few control the government.

B.There were still looming questions about whether an oligarchic government can be an effective form of government.

C.The people were ecstatic about this oligarchy that gave them more power.

D.The Soviet Union is the epitome of an oligarchy because of its autocratic rulers.


C is the correct answer because people do not have power in an oligarchy government