Life in the late 1940's

Caroline Bercu


According to photos, female teeneagers living in America in the late 1940's typically all had shoulder length curly hair with knee length skirts and white socks (that were visable). Females that didn't look like this or wear the same type of clothes as others stood out.
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Family was a very important aspect in the everyday life in the late 1940's. In the photo below, people, most likely family members, are all gathered together and appear to be getting along great. The men appear to be doing the tougher labor.
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This ad exemplifies success in a couple of ways. The ad displays the words "...Carried by Millions." and "...a place in more than 15 million pockets, purses, and homes....but it is also fashioned to fine jewelery standards." The owner of this company is successfully advertising this product (the lighter) by telling people that it is extremely popular and carried by millions, knowing about conformity (people will want what other people have). The owner also advertises that these lighters are just as fashionable as jewelery! So if you buy one of these lighters, you will look good.
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Teen Living in the Late 1940's

As a teen living in the 1940's, I feel that I am not fitting in with society. I also feel that I looked at differently than others. This treatment from others makes me feel upset. Something that would make it impossible for teens to fit the molds that images promoted could be not having enough money to afford what other people have. With money problems, people are buying what they can afford, not necessarily what is popular. In this situation some emotions that may awaken within you could be sadness and the feeling of being rejected by society.