News from Room 15

Tuesday, November 11, 2013

Math Test Tomorrow!

Students will be taking their Unit 3 Math Test tomorrow. The test will include the following concepts:

Place Value

Writing numbers in standard form

Ordering decimals

Geometry vocabulary and concepts (All the geometry vocabulary/concepts students need

is posted through Quizlet here: Students also have

made flashcards for all terms.


Measuring angles with a protractor

Naming lines, line segments, and rays

Finding degree meassure of angles in a triangle or on a line when 1-2 angle
measurements are provided.

Measuring with a ruler


Spelling and Grammar Test on Friday

Students will take their first spelling/grammar quiz of the second marking period on Friday. They will be responsible for identifying proper nouns, correctly placing commas in dates and between city and state, and using their, there, and they're correctly in a sentences.

Social Studies Begins

Students will be switching to Mr. Maduzia for Social Studies on Wednesday!

Thank yous

Finally, a HUGE thank you to the Veterans who visited our class during lunch on Monday. Thank you for sharing your time with us and making Veteran's Day meaningful to the students.