OMS 8th Grade Newsletter

Important Reminders and Upcoming Events Below! 2/1- 2/5

8th Grade Picnic

Please see the attached information about the 8th grade picnic!

HUEY Movement!

Are you ready to say no to bullying? Are you ready to ensure bullies don't have power at our school? It’s time we all decided to BE OUR BEST ALWAYS. Come join us and be a part of the growing movement at Otwell that spreads kindness to try to stop bullying? Come be a part of The Huey Movement – the movement designed to help, understand and encourage youth. The next Huey Movement Meeting is on Friday, January 22nd at 8am in Mrs. Webster’s class – room 237. Bring $10 and be one of the first to sport our new official Huey Movement t-shirts, created by our t-shirt design winner, Aidan Lydon. Let’s make a difference!

PTO Valentine Carnation Gram

Write a message to the lucky recipient and we’ll attach

it to a carnation flower and deliver it for you!

Carnation Grams will be delivered to Blue

Classes on Thursday, February 11th.

Click the link to find the form to send in for friends and teachers!

Cost is $1.00 per carnation

Turn in your completed forms and money to

the front office or your Blue Teacher

Last day to order - Friday, February 5th!!

Social Studies

Ms. Sessa:

We will conclude our brief study of Reconstruction in Georgia; students have a take home test due on Tuesday. Following the Reconstruction unit, we will analyze the political, social, and economic changes in Georgia during the New South era.

Ms. Salazar:

Please see the email I sent via Itslearning regarding the Ch 15 Test.

We began the Civil War & Reconstruction chapter today. Students should be working on Activities #1 & 2 from their purple sheet & the Vocab Crossword Puzzle.

Ms. Coleman:

Students will begin Chapter 15 on the Antebellum Era. A quiz over notes will be given on Friday February 5th.


Mrs. Holmes (Advanced):

Students did a fabulous job on their Electricity tests and their 2nd lab report. This upcoming week will be full of learning about Matter and Solutions. Students have a phases of matter project due on Tuesday (Don't forget). We will have a quiz over our introduction to matter next Friday.

Mr. McCormack, Mr. Kinneer, and Mrs. Holmes:

Students did a great job on their tests earlier this week. We will be getting further into matter and solutions over the next two weeks. Students will have a quiz on Friday.


Ms. Pitner and Ms. Wharton:

After our crazy snow week last week, students have continued to learn how to write an equation from a line of best fit. Students worked on the iPads to perfect this concept. On Wednesday, students began to learn two way tables, which are frequencies from two categories organized in a table. Going into Thursday and Friday have learned how to read, analyze, and create a two way table.

Next week, students will look forward to a couple of days of review of Unit 4, along with a quiz to help the students know what they need to work on before the test.

Because of the snow, the Unit 4 test has been pushed back to Thursday, February 4th. The test will consist of story graphs, word problems, scatter plots, line of best fit, and two way tables. There will be a morning review session on Thursday (2/4) at 8:15. Students who attend will need to receive a pass from Ms. Pitner or Mrs. Wharton.

Ms. Cooper:

Accelerated/Advanced Math – Cooper – Please check the class website for all assignments (ie. homework, class work, and assessments).


Ms. Pacheco:

We are quickly arriving to the end of our 5th unit. We have 1 and a half more weeks of Unit 5 and then we will begin our summative assessments. I have seen improvement and am very pleased with the progression of the classes. I have noticed that students are still not putting forth the effort needed towards their vocabulary. They are expected to be working on vocabulary every night. We are struggling most in that area. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I appreciate all you do for your student(s)!

Ms. Campos:

Language Arts

Mrs. Taylor:

On-Level: We will continue working on our document based essay answering the questions “What is the greatest obstacle facing the American Dream.” The students will draft, revise and publish their work.

Advanced: Thank you so much for the feedback you gave your child on their writing. It led to great classroom discussion and goal setting.

We will begin our poetry unit. We will read, analyze, and memorize poems. The students will be required to choose a poem and recite this poem to the class. Students will also research the lives of their poet and how their lives influenced the writing of their poem.

Ms. Sams & Mrs. Barrett:

During the month of January, 8th grade Language Arts will be journeying through the land of Ancient Podium in a unit called Forum.

FORUM is a simulation that will improve the speaking and listening skills of our students while continuing to practice and perfect writing and research skills. Every day students learn and practice some aspect of public speaking. They make speeches to present and accept awards, to introduce famous people, to inform and to persuade. They study and apply listening skills and experience fate cards that require practicing basic speech fundamentals of gesture and voice. As a result of their simulation experiences, students will gain confidence and improve their ability to speak and to listen. Specifically, students will experience the following:


• Variety of speeches

• Organization of a speech

• Lives of famous people

• Importance of public speaking

• Importance of active listening


• Confidence because of their public speaking skills

• Satisfaction in applying new skills

• Excitement as each speaking and listening activity brings

them closer to their goal

• Enthusiasm as daily activities motivate and excite them


• How to plan, outline and organize a speech

• How to deliver a speech

• How to be an active listener

• How to inform and persuade

• How to present and accept a gift

• How to make introductions


Mrs. Griffey:

We will be working on Language! Live activities in one class, presenting projects next week for the Idiom project, and will have a summative on responding with short answer responses for questions for a reading passage. We’ll continue our work with word attack skills and reading fluency.