Staff Weekly Updates @NewnanHigh

Week 21: January 11-15


Communication is a major challenge in a school our size. What if we sent one email each Monday that attempted to summarize everything for that week? Could you get Dr. Puckett important dates, to do lists, reminders, etc to him each Friday before you left?
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What do you think?

We are a big place. I'd have to have information submitted weekly to make it before Monday.

5 Day Forecast

What if we had a weekly preview so we don't forget we have advisement, overlook when grades are to be posted, or skip a required meeting we meant to attend?

Monday, January 11


Tuesday, January 12

Science Fair

Wednesday, January 13

Governor's Honors Breakfast

Thursday, January 14

Dr. Puckett presents at SSTAGE

Friday, January 15

Newnan Drama presents Little Shop of Testing Horrors

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To Do List

What if we had an ongoing to do list to help us stay on track?

  • Complete LKES surveys on your favorite AP
  • Sign off that you posted your grades
  • Turn in 2nd semester syllabus
  • Click in SLDS

Rita Pierson: School Starts at 8

What if we included our social media presence on our newsletters with live links?

PBIS sample. Eating: You are give your input and sample the chili!

Saturday, Jan. 16th, 1-3pm

AV Room

What if we sent out invites to committee meetings so everyone knows where to go to give input? What if we could imbed a RSVP response? Try t! RSVP if you've read this email and think this is a good idea!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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