Perkins School News - December 2018

Monthly News for Parents

A Holiday Message the Principal

Dear Families,

On behalf of the Perkins School Faculty, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to all families of our students for a wonderful holiday. We all appreciate your ongoing support of the work we do to help the children learn and grow each day as they work to achieve their goals.

Some of the happenings to highlight so far this year include:

· We continue to work with our students on the Leader in Me and the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and we encourage you to reinforce these habits with your child at home. Look for information each month in our newsletters to assist with this.

· Our assemblies are hosted by a class each month where they have a greeting, recognize birthdays, have a contest, an activity and one or two classes perform or present a song, poem or something they’ve learned. The 7 Habits of Happy Kids are also featured in our assemblies to reinforce what our students are learning in their classrooms. We welcome families to attend our assemblies. Dates and times are in the newsletter and on our website.

· Staff participates in professional development regularly to assist in strengthening their practice and to ensure they have the knowledge and strategies required to focus on the needs of students.

These are a few of the many things that are happening as we commit to meeting the needs of Every student every day.

Once again, I wish you peace and joy with your family and friends during this holiday season, and best wishes for happiness throughout the new year!

Sue Achille ~Principal

PTA News

Did you know your purchases can make a difference? AmazonSmile donates to Perkins School PTA when you do your holiday shopping at

December 12th from 5-8pm will be our Holiday Shoppe and celebration. The event is pop in style (come when you're free) We will be showing multiple Holiday movies about 30 minutes each. Wear PJ's, bring something comfy to sit on, and snacks will be served. THE ONLY TIME THE HOLIDAY SHOPPE will be open is year is at this event. There will be NO in school shopping this year. Prices start at 50 cents.

There is no PTA meeting in December due to the Holiday event.

Staff Spotlight

Kathleen Camblin - Level II Teaching Assistant

She grew up the oldest of three sisters, in East Lansing , Michigan. Graduated from high school in 1981, and two years later moved to Newark, New York in 1983 with her family, when her father was promoted to Postmaster of Newark's Post Office.

She graduated from CCFL (which is now FLCC in Canandaigua) with her Associates degree. worked 5 years as the receptionist for Dr. Stephen Mooney DDS in Newark. She married her husband Patrick, and in their 32 years of marriage, had 7 children. Their oldest 4 children are graduated from high school: Anthony ( 30 yrs old) went to Fredonia state college, met his wife Katie ; married in 2015, and works The Hartford insurance company and is a published Foodie, in Las Vegas , NV. Robert ( 27 yrs old), entered the US Airforce in 2010 til present time; married his wife Kaitlyn, and have 2 boys; Cooper 2 1/2 yrs old and Grady 1 yr old and life in Salt Lake City , Utah. Dominic studied 1 yr at Keuka college and entered the US Airfoce in 2014-2018 and now lives with his wife Jordan, in Hamburg, New York where he works for Fidelis Care as their IT guy. His wife Jordan is finishing her Masters in Speech pathology at Fredonia State. Kathy and Patrick's 18 yr old daughter, Bridget, is newly graduated from the US Airforce Basic training, and is now studying in the US Airfoce tech school to be an Optometry tech, and will be stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio for the next 4 years.

Kathy has loved raising their 7 children at home for the 25 years til their youngest, Jack was in kindergarten. She has been at Perkins school for nearly 6 years as a pre k teaching assistant to Cory Robinson, as well as substituted wherever needed in the building. She also works in the main office an hour every day, answering the phone or helping out in any way needed.

Their three children left at home are: Clare, 16 yrs old, Joseph, 14 yrs old, and Jack now 10 yrs old. Her husband works at G.W. Lisk. In their free time they love to attend their children's sporting events and musical concerts. They've traveled to visit their grown children, when they were living in Denver, Honolulu, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City as well as gone to San Antonio, Texas three separate times to celebrate their three children that have entered the US Air Force in 2010, 2014 and just recently this past October 2018.

Her favorite part of her day is greeting the children at Perkins as they enter the building each morning. And waiting for her own children and husband to come home at the end of each busy day.

Her favorite dessert is: Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate cake or frosted cut out cookies

Her favorite food is: A good burger and onion rings

Her favorite show is: This is Us

Her favorite season is: Fall

Her favorite thing to do is : Receive a letter or card from a friend in the mail, and Laughing with Friends

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SHOUT OUT to the cafeteria staff, Mrs. DeJohn, Mrs. Lathrop, Mrs. Black and Mrs. Santino for working hard every day to provide healthy meals for our students and helping them to make good choices. You’re a great team and you are true champions!

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Upcoming Events

  • Board of Education Meeting 7 PM
  • Perkins School PTA Drop in Holiday Shoppe and Movie Event 5-8
  • Board of Education Meeting 7 PM
  • Ice Cream with The Principal 2:15
  • Monthly Assembly 9:30
  • Holiday Recess

From the Nurse Mrs. Bouwens

While most kids (and teachers!) flee from school happily on the last day of school for winter break, many students dread the break from school. They miss the structure of the school day, their peers, their teachers, free food in the cafeteria and the knowing “what’s next to do today” feeling. Winter break has been known to bring out anxiety even in adults as well as children.

The holiday time can be a joyous time for you and your family, but it can also be extremely busy. So how can parents help their kids survive during winter break and enjoy their time off? Here are some helpful tips:

· Remember importance of routines/structure. Try to keep constant as much as possible; like mealtimes and bedtimes.

· Uncertainty is a struggle for some kids. Include them in your plans for activities over break.

· Keep kids occupied by setting up times for outdoor play, arts and crafts, help with baking or even reading a book together each day helps with consistency.

· Set up conditions for good behavior. If you will be out in a noisy family gathering arrange an area your child can go to when they need a break. You will have less meltdowns if you notice your child needs time to regroup.

· Helpful to avoid taking your child to places like mall or holiday gatherings when they are hungry or tired. Children, like adults, tend to get cranky when our body is looking for basic needs.

· Whenever possible limit sugary treats/food. Offer healthy snacks

· Set a calm example for your child. If you are stressed, they will feel this and work off of it. They won’t know how to handle it if you are exhibiting signs of holiday stress. Relax, enjoy your time with your kids and family during this break.

Finally – one note about New Years – it triggers the end of winter break. That brings stress for some kids. They have had lots of fun over break and see school as back to work. You might see meltdowns, more stomach aches, headaches, crying, and for some panic attacks. They internalize all those same feelings they had at the first day of school. A new year brings uncertainty.

· You as parents can help by a few days before school starts talking to your child about school.

· Ask them what they miss and look forward to.

· Get back on bedtime routines

· Listen to your child’s fears and worries. Validate them, help them to think of solutions

· Limit electronic usage over break (especially a few days before school resumes)


Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Valerie Michaels-Instructional Coach

Mrs. Michaels enjoys working with children. Growing up in Marion, NY she was a camp counselor, babysat and worked at a daycare. These experiences led her into a teaching career,

Mrs. Michaels received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from SUNY Geneseo and then after teaching Middle School at St. Francis School in PA for two years, she returned to college to receive her Master's degree in Literacy Education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. She is in her Twenty eighth year of teaching, Seven of those years were in PA and the last 21 have been in Newark. Mrs. Michaels started at Perkins as a Reading interventionist, then she specialized in Reading Recovery and is now an Instructional Coach. Some of her duties as a Coach include, meeting with teachers and helping them plan instruction, visiting classrooms to work with teachers and students and presenting Professional Development for teachers. Her favorite part is working with teachers and students in classrooms to help build confidence and success.

Outside of school, Mrs. Michaels enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and taking walks with her dog Socki and her “Grandpuppy” Lola, and watching sporting events. Mrs. Michaels has two children Tyler, who is a Senior at SUNY Cobleskill majoring in Plant Biology and Rachel who is a Sophomore at Paul Smith’s College, majoring in Baking and Pastry Arts. Rachel also plays soccer for the PSC Bobcats, so in the fall her and her husband travel the to colleges in the northeast to watch her play.

Mrs. Michaels Favorites

Food: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Color: Green

Sports Teams: PSC Bobcats& Providence Friars Basketball

Dessert: Cheese Cake

Season: Summer and Fall

Subject: Reading and Math

Please click on the link and enjoy this month Little Learnings!

Tips for Working with the Beginning Reader

Reading each day with your child will help to develop important early reading skills. Here are some tips for working with children as beginning readers:

· Encourage your child to use his/her finger to point to each work.

· Read a sentence and have your child repeat it.

· Don’t be afraid to read the same book again. Repeated reading helps build reading fluency which is quickly and accurately.

· Take turns reading sentences or pages.

· Talk about the story as you read it. What do you think will happen next? What does this story remind you of? How do you think this character feels?

· 15 to 20 minutes is plenty for a beginning reader.

Have fun reading together!

Letters to Red

Hello everyone, this is RED the Habits Hound and I have another problem I would like you to help me solve.

"Someone called me a name and it hurt my feelings. This is the first time it has happened, so I think I should try to solve it on my own. What should I do?"

Thanks for your help,


Drop in Holiday Shoppe and Movie Event 5-8 Sponsored by the PTA

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